New Capital Enterprise is a government recognized  recruitment agency in Pakistan. Leading manpower recruitment agency in Pakistan organized to provide manpower consultancy services to the industries in Gulf and worldwide. I have approximately 20 years experience in the field of Recruitment and Manpower Starting from locally “New Capital Trade and test Center” to multinational Organization “New Capital Enterprises” to serve the nation.

New Capital Enterprise is an established Human Resource, Consultancy with a proven track record specializing in the shortlisting, recruitment and placement of Pakistani manpower of various professionally Highly qualified/ experienced, Highly skilled, skilled and unskilled categories to Gulf, Middle East, Far East and European Countries.

New Capital Enterprise is committed to provide the best human resources to various organizations from Pakistan to Gulf countries and across the world. Keeping up the zeal to excel in HR management, New Capital Enterprises is providing better and advanced services to the changing times, needs and technology.Manpower recruitment agency in Pakistan New Capital Enterprises has experienced Specialized and highly qualified team that distinguishes it from other companies to become an active partner in the growth of its client organization